Caroline visited the yearly Founders’ Party with Damon as their companion as soon as he obligated the woman to need your

Caroline came to be on October 10, 1992, to statement and Elizabeth Forbes in Mystic Falls, Virginia. During the girl youth Caroline befriended Elena Gilbert – daughter of Liz’s best friend Miranda Sommers-Gilbert – and Bonnie Bennett. At some point, Elena tried to choose which of Caroline’s qualities were one particular frustrating; the girl controls freakishness or the woman delusional positivity. Elena told Stefan that inside second grade Caroline have Elena let this lady develop a Barbie palace.

During the woman childhood into the Forbes cabin, Caroline was actually vulnerable about journey the girl bike, as she didn’t can exercise and was scared to test without their mom’s assistance. She decrease down their bicycle and was actually bending against a tree whenever Liz showed up, stating that she got band-aids, surgical equipment, and a medevac enroute for an airlift. Caroline mentioned that she was generating enjoyable of the lady. Liz applied their first-aid and Caroline questioned if she was going to perish after that Liz asserted that everyone else dies in the course of time but she will living for a long time. Caroline mentioned that she’d always want their, and then Liz hugged the girl. Caroline told Liz that she don’t wanna learn to ride the girl bike, but Liz caused the lady to do it without the girl assist, and Caroline finally read to drive her bicycle by yourself.

On , Caroline got fifteen yrs old and a freshman at Mystic drops senior high school and was assisting Mystic Falls your lighting effects of forest Ceremony. It had been shared that her moms and dads remained with each other nevertheless could be believed they comprise experiencing difficulity within their matrimony and costs has also been having an affair with men named Steven through this energy. She additionally had gotten thrilled whenever Elena announced that she would definitely encourage this lady mothers so that Bonnie remain for any vacation trips as they’ve never ever spent an holiday in addition to each other. However, their daddy left and separated the lady mama after disclosing he was homosexual, and began a relationship with Steven, whom also got a daughter.

Through The Vampire Diaries

On , Caroline is a sophomore at Mystic Falls senior school. Unseen onscreen at that time, while in the happenings of month One Caroline and her friends played a “key Santa” game. Stefan Salvatore offered Caroline a key-ring snow entire world of Mystic Falls, which dissatisfied the girl; she in addition offered Bonnie a gift along with the lady buddy, Jacob Fogerty, exactly who she seems to care for like a brother.

Month One

Caroline initially arrived off as insensitive whenever she spotted Elena Gilbert regarding first day of college after Elena’s moms and dads were slain in a car accident. During the back again to class celebration, she located new man Stefan Salvatore and flirtatiously invited your to take a walk along with her, but ended up being insulted when he rebuffed the lady improvements and showed an interest in Elena. She next informed Bonnie Bennett it was a tournament, with Elena.

Caroline furthermore confirmed destination to Damon Salvatore just who used her for his personal entertainment, satisfaction also to go into the Lockwoods’ to recover their crystal. While with Damon, Caroline used scarves around the girl throat to cover the bruises and chew on fed on the, and he obligated the girl to do this. She is against getting your in the event their mom caught their. She observed your into a space had been the guy receive an amber amazingly that he stated belonged to your.

Later, Elena noticed the bruises and chew scars on Caroline for the first time and Caroline made an effort to brush Elena down. Elena challenged Damon, and a while later he grabbed Caroline aside and began to prey on the girl, mad she got uncovered something to Elena. He immediately became mysteriously weak until Stefan emerged and disclosed which he had spiked Caroline’s drink with vervain, comprehending that ended up being the only way to end him. Damon collapsed after ingesting the woman bloodstream. Stefan next grabbed Damon in to the cellar associated with Salvatore Boarding residence and got rid of their band as a precaution. After Caroline regained consciousness, she discovered Damon got leftover the celebration, but had additionally kept his crystal after. She grabbed they for herself.

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